Monday 22 February 2021

Recruitment of various post in Uploading of the documents on the Bureau's website-reg.

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rCAR-NBPGR, New Delhi-12

Sub: Uploading  of the documents  on the Bureau's  website-reg.


It  is  requested   that  the  following  enclosed  documents   related  to  the  Interview   in  OBT

funded  Wheat  project  may be uploaded  on the website of the Bureau.

Encl: As Above

(Sangeeta Gambhir) Asstt. Admn. Officer


1 Sr. F&A.O., ICAR-NBPGR, New Delhi.

2. DDO, ICAR-NBPGR,New Delhi.

3. Dr. Sundeep Kumar, ProScientist,  DGR &PI of the project,  ICAR-NBPGR,New Delhi.

4. Dr. Jyoti Kumari,  ProScientist,  DGE & CO-PI of the project,  ICAR-NBPGR,New Delhi. 

ICAR-N ational Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources

Pusa Campus, New Delhi - 110012, India





Applications are  invited to  attend  the  "Interview (in  person/ video  conferencing)" for the following posts under a DBT funded network project "Germ plasm Characterization   and Trait Discovery in Wheat using Genomics Approaches  and its Integration  for Improving  Climate Resilience, Productivity  and Nutritional  quality" at NBPGR, New Delhi as mentioned below.

Owing to the prevailing COVID-19 crisis, candidates may choose for interview either in- person or through online process. The eligible candidates (appearing in-person as well as online mode) are requested to send their application in the enclosed proforma along with scanned copy of the original documents through email to      with copy to    latest by March  12, 2021. After  screening  the  applications,  the eligible candidates  will  be informed for further details regarding  interview  by email  or over phone. Original documents of the candidates appearing interview in-person will be verified on the interview date and for the candidates appearing online interview will be verified  at a later stage.

Name of the Emoluments per Qualifications

Post and

Number month

PROJECT 2: Germplasm  Characterization  and Trait Discovery in Wheat using Genomics Approaches and its Integration  for Improving Climate Resilience, Productivity  and Nutritional quality

Sub Project-3:  Evaluation   of wheat  germplasm  for abiotic stresses

Name of PI: Dr. Jyoti Kumari

Project period: March 2021-Feb 2024

13.         Experience

S. No.      Post/Position      held          Employer                                              Period                    Works  done/



14.         Whether    obtained   NOC   from  present   employer,  if  employed  ... ?

15.       Details  of  publications (only published research papers):

16.       Mode  of Interview  (in-person/ online):

17.       Additional  Relevant Information if any:


The information  given  above  by me are true to the best of my knowledge  and belief. If any information  is found  false,  my candidature  and services  if selected  may be terminated  without  any notice.

Date:                                                                                                            Signature  of Candidate


Name:                             .