Tuesday 23 February 2021

Recruitment of various post in INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY DELHI



(Industrial Research & Development Unit)

\~ertiSeri1enl       No.: IITDIlRDf030/2021

Dated: 06/02/2021 

Applications from Indian nationals are invited for Project Appointment under the following project. Appointment shall be on contractual basis with consolidated pay, renewable yearly or upto the duration of the project, whichever is earlier. fa'lkiffiRllCi 


The post(s) may be downgraded as per discretion of the Selection Committee if none of the candidate is found suitable for the post.

The candidates who are interested to apply for the above post should download bio-data Form  No, IRD/REC-4 from the IRD Website (http://ird.iitd.ac.in/rec)     of liT Delhi and submit the duly filled form with complete information regarding educational qualifications Indicating percentage of marks/division, details of work experience bye-mail   with  advertisement   No. on the subject  line to Prof. Pankaj Srivastava  at email id:crfiitdrecruitment@gmail.com

liT  Delhi reserves  the  right to  fix  higher  criteria  for  short-listing  of  eligible  candidates  from  those  satisfying  advertised quatlfication and requirement of the project post and their name will be displayed on web link (http://ird.iitd.ac.in/shortlisted) alongWith the online interview details. Only  short-listed   candidates  will  be informed   for  online  interview.   In case any clarification is required on eligibility regarding Ihe above post, tne candidate may conlact Prof. Pankaj Srivastava  at email id: crfiitdrecruitment@gmail.com       5% relaxation of marks may be granted to the SC/ST Candidates. In case of selection of a
retired/superannuated government  employee,  his/her salary will be fixed  as  per prevailing  IRD norms. ~ .,,,      ~        I
~                        >J1<1i>J1Ifc"lc):;" 3J=<A"IC;cml      CIiT  3fcf;T   cfi'r 5%      m: <fr;JiT  ~           f. "QCF flClI~C'k(1             ~                   ~                    c):;"  ~                c):;"  ~                    H
:n1CfiT   <t1a=r  ~                ~3fR"tr   ~          c):;"   31o.,'RlIT   C"f<l  ~             >J1Tl!dlT1  The  last  date  for  submitting    the  completed 
applications  bye-mail   is 01/03/2021   by 5.00 p.m.
Head of the Deptt.lCentres/Units                                 It is requested that the contents of the Above Adv!. be brought to the notice of the staff working in your Deptt.lCentre/Unit 
Webmaster, IRD Notice Boards Advertisement file
Prof, Pankaj Srivastava, PI, Department of Physics
Copy to Chairperson, DRC/CRC
To put advertisement at liTO website. 
Dr. Harshita Bhatnagar, RD Coordinator, (R&D) Wing